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Filamentive is sustainable 3D printing material brand, designed and manufactured in Europe.

PLA - short for polylactic acid - is a thermoplastic derived from renewable starches such as corn and sugarcane. PLA is biodegradable, produces few greenhouse gas emissions during its manufacture and does not warp during print – which means you can even use PLA with printers without a heated bed!


At Filamentive, our PLA tolerance is ± 0.05mm – widely regarding as the industry gold standard. This is important because if you have an irregular diameter, inconsistent extrusion can occur, from which serious extruder malfunctions can arise.


Roundness is another crucial factor. Filament that suddenly loses its perfect round shape and becomes oval can lead to extruder failure in the same way that increasing or decreasing filament diameter does. Because of this, we commit to a roundness of at least 95% across every millimetre of filament we sell - exceeding the standards of other brands.


Also, unlike many other brands, we promise to provide 1kg of filament, not just a 1kg spool – where the actual filament weight is ~700 grams and the holder makes up the rest. Our 1.75mm spools will contain around 330 metres in length, with our 2.85mm spools holding 120 metres of filament.


Overall, here at Filamentive we are strong advocates of sustainability and the triple bottom line, comprising of environmental, social and economic dimensions. 


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